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Finding Jesus' Church Through 9 Dimensions of Truth

The Church is the pillar and foundation of truth (1 Tim 3:15). But which church has the truth? Which church was founded by Jesus and which ones weren’t? Jesus’ Church can be proven through multiple dimensions of truth. There are 9 dimensions of truth that will be discussed to prove which church Jesus founded. They are: Scripture, Tradition, History, Apostolic Succession, Unchanging Truth, Time, The Miraculous, The Target of Satan’s Followers, and Logic. Take a few minutes to consider the following.
Tradition and History
I am going to lump these two together because one flows from the other. Tradition is the means in which God’s word has been transmitted from Jesus to the apostles and on to their successors (the bishops) throughout the centuries. This takes two forms: The written tradition which is the sacred scriptures and the oral tradition which is the faith that the apostles taught orally. If you read the letters of St Paul you will see a few patterns. One is that to each place he sent a letter to the faith was already taught either by him or someone else who had the authority of the apostles and was sent to teach. Paul was often correcting problems in his letters that were going on in the particular area. So now you have to think are these letters that were meant to correct problems sufficient to teach the entirety of the faith? Tradition is often thought of as a bad word but Paul tells the Thessalonians to keep the traditions of the apostles.
2 Thess 2:15 So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter.
So the question is now how can you tell the difference between traditions of men from the traditions of the apostles. That is simple. Jesus founded one church and those traditions that were taught by the apostles were also taught by the Christians in the first centuries of Christianity. An example of a tradition of men which is a doctrine held by many if not all protestant denominations is Sola Scripture which means the bible alone is a sole sufficient rule of faith. Sorry but there is not a single verse in the bible that supports this doctrine. Another example is that baptism is only symbolic. These are a few examples doctrines that were first taught to people in the 16th century.
All it takes is reading the writings of the early church to prove it. This is where history comes in. A look at history can easily show at what point in time any given doctrine first appeared. If a doctrine magically appears out of no where in the 16th century or later it can automatically go under the category of tradition of men for it is an idea completely foreign to the church in its earliest years. If you take the time to read the early church fathers you will see every Catholic doctrine being taught in the first 4 centuries of Christianity.
He is one example from St Ignatius of Antioch. He was a disciple of John the apostle and he writes not 10 years after the death of John in 107 ad and in his writings he calls the church Catholic as if it is common knowledge.
Ignatius of Antioch [50-117 AD] Epistle to the Smyraeans
See that ye all follow the bishop, even as Jesus Christ does the Father, and the presbytery as ye would the apostles; and reverence the deacons, as being the institution of God. Let no man do anything connected with the Church without the bishop. Let that be deemed a proper Eucharist, which is [administered] either by the bishop, or by one to whom he has entrusted it. Wherever the bishop shall appear, there let the multitude [of the people] also be; even as, wherever Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church...
For 255 pages of Quotes from the Early Church Fathers go here:
More specifically about history is that of the history of the bible and how we got it as we have it today. A look at history shows that by the early 4th century there still was not a defined cannon of new testament scripture. There were books that are in the bible that were disputed by some people as to not being inspired and there were some books that are not in the bible were disputed by some people as being inspired. Now this is quite a dilemma especially for someone who holds the view of Sola Scriptura because how can one go by the bible alone unless someone with authority first tells you what the bible is. It is also clear that the first 300 years of Christianity operated without a defined cannon of scripture which shows that they relied on an authoritative church to teach the faith orally. So how did they decide what books were inspired scripture and what weren’t? It was the Catholic Church with the authority that Jesus gave to his Church as shown in (Mt 16:16-19) the authority to bind things on earth that would also be bound in heaven. They decided the books in 4 church councils the first in Rome 382 ad, Hippo 392, Carthage 397, Carthage 419. To read more about how we got the bible go here:
Apostolic Succession
Apostolic origin is claimed my many groups but the Catholic Church is the only one that can prove it. Every Catholic Bishop was ordained by a Catholic bishop that goes clear back to the first Catholic bishops that is to say the apostles. It is no secret to those who take the time to read the writings of the early church that the apostles where Catholic Bishops. The apostles ordained bishops by the laying on of hands. The authority that Jesus gave the apostles in Mt 18:18 and Jn 20:21-23 for example was passed on to the next generation in this way. St Paul tells Timothy in 1 Tim 4:14 and 1 Tim 5:22 to not neglect the gift that he received from the presbytery through the laying on of hands and to not be hasty in laying on hands on others. In order for someone to go and preach the gospel they had to receive authority and be sent (Rom 10:15). If someone did not get the authority through laying on of hands and started teaching things on there own and ordaining people the link is then broken. They have no authority of Jesus to be preaching and throughout history the people who did this fell into heresy. The Bishop of Rome for example that is to say the Pope can trace his office of Bishop back to the first pope that is to say St Peter. For a list of every one of the 266 popes and the years that they were pope go here:

Some of things that the Catholic Church gets accused of for not following the scriptures are the Papacy, Infant Baptism, Confession, Salvation by faith and works, praying to Mary, etc. These things are found in the bible. In fact every Catholic Doctrine is found in the bible either explicitly or implicitly. For a brief explanation of each of these doctrines and where they are found in the bible go here:
Unchanging Truth
Jesus’ Church is unable to change truth. Jesus promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against his church (Mt 16:18) so if truth changed then the gates of hell would have prevailed. So any church that has changed concerning truth is not Jesus’ church. A few examples are the seven books in the old testament that protestants call apocrypha. These seven books were considered inspired before the time of Jesus, at the time of Jesus and all of Christian history afterward. Protestants reject these books as uninspired writings. These books cannot be inspired for 2000 years and then all of the sudden in the 19th century they are not inspired when they quit putting these books in the bible. So this would be an example of truth being changed to read more about these books and why they should be included in the bible go here:
Another example is contraception. Before the Anglican Lambeth conference in 1930 all Christian denominations taught that contraception is a grave moral evil. Now the Catholic Church is the only one that still teaches that. To read more about this go here:
From its beginning in the first century the Catholic Church has been a rock throughout the centuries. It has survived and thrived for 2000 years. No institution in history has been able to come close to that. Only an institution that was started by God and maintained by God can be able to do this. If you look at Protestantism it started in the 16th century with 2 schisms and has split into 33000 schisms. Even current Calvinists don’t follow what Calvin taught completely.
The Miraculous
Heb 2:3-5 how shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation? This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him. 4God also testified to it by signs, wonders and various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will.
God continues to do miracles through his church. Throughout history many miracles have been preformed through Jesus’ church. From the early years of Christianity during the persecutions it manifested itself in the inability of his saints to be burned at the stake or the unwillingness of the lions to tear apart his saints. The witness of God’s power through his saints made Christianity grow stronger despite the fact that they would be killed for it. As the years moved past the days of persecutions the miracles changed in form. Saints who were so close to Jesus who died did not corrupt. After the fall of Adam and Eve death was the result and from dust we were created to dust we return. It is these saints who to this day after centuries of being dead still look as if they are sleeping. It was by a special grace that these people who were so close to God and far from sin who now remain incorruptible. Stigmata is another unique miracle. It is the 5 wounds that Christ bore that holy people receive. To better love Jesus they share in his sufferings in also bearing these wounds. These wounds do not heal and cause suffering. Eucharistic Miracles are miracles pertaining to Jesus’ real presence under the appearance of bread and wine in communion. These miracles have ranged from not only the changing of the substance of bread into Jesus but also the physical and visible attributes of bread change into real human flesh. Consecrated wine has changed into real blood which was lab tested for proof of its substance. Consecrated hosts have bled and hovered over people. People have survived by living only on Jesus in the Eucharist for as long as 13 years. All of these things have only happened in the Catholic. That is not to say that someone in a protestant church cannot be miraculously healed I am saying that these things are powerful and unique to the Catholic Church. To read more about these miracles and others go here:
The Target of Satan’s Followers
If you were Satan how would you set up worship of yourself that would be the most offensive against God? The answer is to take what God has revealed and do the opposite of it. Satanists have black masses. Their primary focus of the black mass is to profane Jesus in the Eucharist which was stolen from a Catholic Church. A real witch can tell the difference between a consecrated host (that is Jesus under the appearance of bread) amongst a thousand of unconsecrated host. To read more go here:
The last dimension of truth is logic because it builds on all of the previous dimensions. There are many protestant doctrines that people hold to and believe that if these particular doctrines are not believed the person is not saved. However, if those beliefs were not taught in the early church or before 16th century then for these doctrines to be right that would mean that the very generation that was taught by the apostles messed the faith up so badly that there was no salvation between the 2nd and the 16th centuries. Does that make any sense at all? Or does it make more sense that Jesus came to earth and established a means of salvation and loves his people so much that he established a church to guard his truth so that people couldn’t corrupt it to the point of all loss of salvation. Jesus promised that the gates of hell would not prevail against his church (Mt 16:18). It would make Jesus a liar to say that successors of the apostles formally taught error that lasted for over a millennium..
Doesn’t it make sense that if the early church was called catholic, taught all of the current catholic doctrines, has a continuous link of authority from the apostles, has not changed truth, defined what the bible was, has manifested miracles that can only come from the power of God, and is the primary target of Satan’s followers end up being the only possibility as to being the Church that Jesus founded?


Tiber Jumper said...

Hey Brian! How are you doing? Looks like your keeping the faith! God bless you

russ Rentler AKA Tiber Jumper

Tiber Jumper said...

Hey Brian!
Still keeping the Good Fight going!!
God bless
Russ AKA TiberJumper

H.B. said...

People have different excuses to be religious. I guess a great deal of them were severely traumatized during life so they wish for what's basically impossible. I think it's senseless to involve concept of God into what Human should be (basically a good person), and it's absurdly wrong to simply attribute everything we simply don't understand to supernatural beings - come to think of it - it's plain silly...

Brian said...

I don't think people were traumatized in order to believe in God. In fact it is part of our very nature as humans to try and reach God. Every culture in history has believed in some type of deity. This is why there are so many religions. All are an attempt to reach God. The difference with Christianity is God reached out to us first and revealed who he was. It doesn't take faith to believe that there is a God. All one has to do is look around at nature. The Universe did not create itself out of nothing. What caused the big bang if there was nothing there? There is no example in science where chaos brought forth order and yet the people who believe that the universe came about from an explosion are ignoring the science that they cling to. You mention being a good person. Who determines what consists of a good person? With out God to tell us, each person determines for themselves what is good. So if someone thinks it is good to kill someone or to eat their children or to have intercourse with their infants, then no one can tell you it isn’t good. I have a blog called unique miracles only found in the Catholic Church. Could you give me an explanation of how at the consecration at mass bread has turned into flesh or wine into blood and how after 1200 years later that blood is still fresh. Or how some saints in the Catholic Church have been dead for as long 1600 years and their bodies look as if they just fell asleep. These things are contrary to nature and require a super nature from an all powerful God who gives these miracles to us as a witness of his existence and power.

H.B. said...

"I don't think people were traumatized in order to believe in God." - I'm not talking about those who (sort-of) believe in God just for luck, or just in case, or mention it in a phrase without even thinking, or when they remember - like on those ceremonial occasions; here I had in mind people who are in a way obsessed with it (or at least sound like they are).
"In fact it is part of our very nature as humans to try and reach God." - concept called 'God' has nothing to do with concept called 'Human' - what do I mean: we are all a specie of animals - that being is not 'Human' if it acts in principles opposite of what defines 'Human' (what I summed-up as 'basically a good person') - it is possible to define 'good' without 'God'. Why confusion of the terms - it's totally unnecessary.
"Every culture in history has believed in some type of deity." - because those who thought 'It' up were traumatized by effects of the environment (primarily by death).

Brian said...

So who decides what defines what a human is? We have a rational soul which separates us from animals. How do you define good without God then? All you can tell me is your opinion which only carries weight with you. There are 6 billion people on the planet that means there are 6 billion different criteria of being good if you are right. There is only one right and one wrong and it isn’t determined by personal opinion. A human is always a human. If they stop being a good person they don’t become an it. They are still a human but doing a bad job of it. Activity doesn’t change a person’s species any more than it does in any of the animals. So every culture in the world in every era of history is wrong and you are right? If you drive down a one way road and everyone is going in the opposite direction of you means that you are going the wrong way. The other drivers aren’t going to change the law because you think you are right. They are going to follow the law because they see the signs. The signs of God are all around if one takes the time to look.

H.B. said...

"So who decides what defines what a human is?" - it's simple. It is the logic of things - for example: pain is a bad feeling - one does not like to be hurt - all the rest are like the one (in their heads like one is in his/her head) - therefore the logic itself (without need for some "God") determines that one shouldn't do hurt to others (cause it's exactly like someone does it to him) - no need for God.
Concept of God will sabotage exactly the best of Humans (because they would think that they will be protected by some invisible force - which is not the case - defeat is inevitable), while less worth of the name 'Human' will benefit from everything good in their lives - and then - why not - they will believe in God - cause it turned up just fine in their lives - no matter they did bad things.

"We have a rational soul which separates us from animals." - we are all a species of animal (FACT!) - almost all disregard rationality which causes bad things which reach infinitely through time - THAT IS THE CORE OF THE PROBLEM - we have to earn status of 'Human' by sticking to the principles of what 'HUMAN' is.

Concept of God doesn't solve this. Concept of God is totally missused and not needed at all.

Brian said...

And your logic is different than everyone else’s. Hitler thought he was doing good by eradicating an inferior race which would leave a race of pure good genetics to be passed on thus saving millions from getting genetic defects. I’m not sure what religion you are getting God is a invisible force that will not allow harm to his believers. There are martyrs in every faith and the Christian martyrs in the first centuries died with rejoicing because that was the means God chose to bring them home and it was their happiness in life and death that made Christianity explode in numbers even though they knew they would be killed for it. It is also a fact that those who believe in God live a happier more fulfilling life than those who don’t. God is the author of life and if he chooses for a person to die early he is actually doing them a favor either by reducing the punishment in hell due to less sins committed or a shorter trip to heaven all depending on his criteria of good. Yes humans are in the animalia kingdom of species but only we possess a rational soul. We can choose right and wrong. Animals eat their babies, kill inferior members, eat their mates, etc.

H.B. said...

"God is the author of life and if he chooses for a person to die early he is actually doing them a favor either by reducing the punishment in hell due to less sins committed or a shorter trip to heaven all depending on his criteria of good."

Soul = brain
(particularly the synapses - connections between brain cells). Fact. And that doesn't make human less worth - that's simply the way it is in reality which is one. When person dies soul is dissolved - synapses cannot survive prolonged lack of oxygen - those who suffered suffocation/drowning are an example of what happens - they can't remember things (that's the mild case) some even end-up retarded-like or worse - alive but with a minimum of brain functions.
Soul of a person (brain) doesn't go places - it just dissolves - person is destroyed.

H.B. said...

The thing is - you talk about concepts from belief system, while I talk about what it is really for real - the reality without our judgment which doesn't need our judgment it simply IS - that's what's of interest and importance to my knowledge and thinking.

Get it?
I mean - gee I would love there is a God - gee how cool it would be - something out there which has no boundaries and punishes those who are irrational and bad and takes care of stuff - gosh how cool it would be. But guess what? There is not.

You talk about getting a reward in some hEaVeN when you're dEaD. :D Gee that must be the apex of sarcasm - :D - the mother of all sarcasms - so cold, so soul-killing-carelessly drastic! :DDDDDDD The H-bomb in the world of SARCASM!
If it was any fun I couldn't stop laughing.

You talk of some visualizations I'm not even going to quote cause they are disgustingly disturbing - I wonder where from you have the thought of it in your head at all (some hell you got there).

"The Universe did not create itself out of nothing." - of course it didn't. 'Nothing' can't exist (logically observing the subject). There can't be something that 'isn't'. Even vacuum is 'something' - light travels through space just like sound travels through air - a medium. Proof: it (vacuum/space) 'IS' (by definition of term (it can be measured in (more than) one way)).

"You mention being a good person. Who determines what consists of a good person? With out God to tell us, each person determines for themselves what is good." - WHAT!?!???! Someone has to tell you what's good???? Are you really telling me this??? Are you really like that - that someone has to iNsTrUcT you on what's good - someone must tell you - you don't feel it in yourself for your self????????? w.t.f......

What is the purpose of you guys... Is religion for you guys just like any other business? Are you a religion-businessmen?? Like - you get up in the morning and get your suitcase and sit in your sport-car and head of to your office in church to negotiate prices (like in: money (cash or credit cards)) on stock-exchange of spiritual matters??

Brian said...

Soul does not equal brain. Animals have brains and cannot discern right from wrong. Is abortion wrong. Yes because it is killing babies and yet tens of thousands say it is good. What about experimenting on embryos? Wrong again because it kills babies yet tens of thousands say it is good. What about contraception? Yes because it is contrary to natural law. Since its start in widespread use in the 60s the divorce rate has doubled. Yet people have no problem with it.

We live in a temporal order. There has to be a beginning. Even modern scientist say that there was some type of beginning. The big bang theory was developed by a Catholic priest/ scientist but he never took God out of that equation. What is the purpose of you? Our purpose is to know, love and serve God in this life to be happy with him forever in the next.

You still have never explained away all the miracles I have in my blog and the hundreds of thousands throughout the world in history. Or how about NDEs (near death experiences) there 774 a day throughout the world. People who have out of body experiences who can give detailed descriptions not only of an after life but of things that people have seen in their operating rooms while they were unconscious and being worked on. While you’re at it I have blog called Darwin’s theory of evolution proven false by science.

H.B. said...

"Soul does not equal brain. Animals have brains and cannot discern right from wrong. Is abortion wrong. Yes because it is killing babies and
it is contrary to natural law. Since its start in widespread use in the 60s the divorce rate has doubled. Yet people have no problem with it."

Yea', that reminds me. I figured that part a while ago - (suspiciously) all religions have one thing in common: they all revolve around a concept of reward for death - they all say: "No, no nooo - you see it doesn't matter you die in war for our material goals - no - cause, you see, when you die you go to heaven, see."

If purpose of religions is to control population numbers than it's doing a mighty fine job - really excellent - thing can surpass it - so efficient! If that was its original purpose than it really serves the purpose.

"You still have never explained away all the miracles I have in my blog
it I have blog called Darwin’s theory of evolution proven false by science."

I explained it already: "it's absurdly wrong to simply attribute everything we simply don't understand to supernatural beings"

Brian said...

I don't understand how the internet works and I don't believe God is running it. The internet can be scientifically proven and our science is advanced enough to prove those miracles do not comform to any science or nature. You know if someone gets burned at the stake it is natural to die from burns. There have been saints in first several centuries who were un harmed by the fire. The Romans got quite mad at them and cut their heads off. I think it would be silly to ease my conscience by saying "I can't attribute that to God".

H.B. said...

"Darwin’s theory of evolution proven false by science." -

Evolution is obvious truth - it doesn't matter what Darwin (or anyone else) said specifically - the principle of evolution is what matters.
Errors in DNA copying may happen for various random reasons.
There's no intention of any kind - it's simply a random error; if that error proves to help creature in its environment then a creature might have greater chances for procreation, if it proves to handicap the creature it might have lesser chances to procreate - so species diverge.

...Aaah what's the use of this - you people do not care for what's really real in this only one reality, you're all in some other realm - the realm of belief - even if you would realize all of the things how they really are - it doesn't matter - dogma is a priori.

H.B. said...

Besides - purpose of religion is not to give answers - its purpose is totally different - has nothing to do with investigating truth - it's purpose is to expand cultural influence over those who are not of that culture - e.g. purpose of Roman Catholicism is to expand the Latin culture over those who are not Latin (which is bad - basically it's destruction of other cultures for benefits of Latin culture). It has only to do with politics - those who rule and their material needs and possessions.

Besides - religious systems are constantly being substituted. There is a documentary about it (i think it's called Zeigeist or something) - it talks of zodiac - the random figures made by connection of stars - there are twelve of them (what is now widely known as horoscope signs) - shortly: Earth's axis is at certain angle - that's why when either of hemispheres leans toward the Sun it's summer (vice versa), but the thing is the Earth rotates very slowly upsetting the procession of constellations (one constelation for each month) throughout the year - so every couple of thousand of years they must adjust it for that one month (else ancient people would reap and sow at wrong times resulting in food shortages and thus starvation and death (but we are now smarter - we understand more those processes and are more educated - there are whole institutions which take care of that now)) - but that's why symbol of the age rotates - now it's
pisces (fish (symbol of our age)), before that it was
aries (ram (age of the time of ancient Jewish state)), before that it was
taurus (bull (the time of ancient Egyptian state)) etc.
But the thing is after pisces (symbol of age we are curently in) comes aquarious.
The point: some other belief system will be installed. It all changes.

H.B. said...

Besides - how can you know the IQ of those who wrote and rewrote and reinterpreted and misinterpreted things in e.g. Bible? It is known that the thing about the end of the world was bad translation of bible into English during king Richard some or other - it should have said something like "I will be with you till the end of the age", and someone mistranslated it into "I will be with you till the end of the world" - so now a huge bunch of idiots wonder all the time when the end of the world is coming.

It's all bull*. A bunch of random mathaporizations. That's why people should be interested only in what;s really for real and forget these redundancies of the past...

Do you REALLY know what it means?

Brian said...

I can tell you didn’t read my blog on Darwin’s theory of evolution proven false by science because last sentence I say “That is why the title of this is Darwin’s theory of evolution is proven false by science, not evolution in its entirety.” Micro evolution is a fact, macro evolution is a fable.

You seem to not know a lot about Catholicism. The purpose of the Church is to protect the faith that Jesus handed it and to go out into all the world preaching the gospel (good news of salvation). That is Mt 28:19 one verse before the one you quote that says “I will be with you until the end of the age.” Essentially age and world is not a lot different. The original greek word is aion and it means: forever, an unbroken age, perpetuity of time, eternity, period of time, age, world, universe. It was not this verse that make people look for the end of the world. I use to be into end times stuff and looking at current events and how those things show the end times are approaching but I don’t worry about it. Jesus said to always be ready for the end whether it is personal death or the end of the world. Every generation thought they were in the end times and that was the reason Paul wrote his second letter to the Thessalonians. Getting back to Catholicism, what specifically are you talking about being bad in latin culture. Unless you are talking about the pagan Roman empire. Catholic means universal and it never supplants cultures and forces people to convert, it is enhanced in richness by other cultures. There are 21 rites of the Catholic Church the doctrines are the same but each has there own cultural richness. Copics in Egypt, Chaldean’s in Iraq for example.
If you look at the dead sea scrolls that were found in Qumran. The book of Isaiah for example was found in that and it was written 200 bc. It shows how little at all the differences are with scriptures we have today and the oldest copies in existance. If you can think of some examples of how the bible contradicts itself I would be happy to help you understand the writing to show that it doesn’t.
The whole thing with Zodiac. I don’t pay attention to superstition. People say these stars that line up mean this. It doesn’t have any basis for fact.

H.B. said...

"Micro evolution is a fact, macro evolution is a fable."

- small changes add-up through countless generations - so creatures diverge. There are some examples I found interesting: a specie of lizard which still has back molars half way evolving to ear bones; a fish which starts normally, but then one eye goes to the other side of its body and so it has two eyes on one side and its flat then so it glides on the sea bed; etc.

"The whole thing with Zodiac. I don’t pay attention to superstition. People say these stars that line up mean this. It doesn’t have any basis for fact."

- if you didn't delete my answer you could read that i wrote that those constellations are basically random - but the point is - ancient people used it to measure time - something completely down-to-Earth - I'm not talking about horoscope - it's just misinterpretation. I've seen this documentary:
Basically it shows how all big religions through time including Christianity derived out of zodiac.

Entire religion is superstition.
...Haha... Like you care about the truth... you're just a religion businessman.

Brian said...

There were 4 of the same comments to be published so I deleted the repetative ones. What you describe is micro evolution and I have no problem with that. I have a problem with macro evolution which is one species evolving into another. A monkey is never going to evolve into a dog for example. I will watch the video you posted when I get a chance, we are very busy getting crops harvested right now. I do care about truth and I have not made one cent on religion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


Brian said...

Which link were you refering to? I would be happy to help direct you to it. A lot of my blogs are duplicated on my facebook page as notes as well and if all else fails I could email you a copy.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant web site, I had not noticed previously during my searches!
Keep up the excellent work!

Brian said...

H.B. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. You had suggested watching a documentary on Zodiac. I took a peek at the video back when you emailed me and I saw it was over an hour long and I have been going not stop since then and I was going to watch the video now but the link doesn't go to the Youtube site anymore. So without watching it all I can say is I obviously disagree that all religions came from the Zodiac in one form or another. I would say my beliefs were revealed by God starting with the first parents Adam and Eve and continueing on with the patriarchs, prophets and Jesus God himself. Other religions I would say were started by the decendants of Shem, Ham, Japheth who migrated throughout the world and once isolated after generations they forgot what they were taught and came up with their own way to reach God.