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Early Church Fathers on The Church and The Church Being Our Mother

The Early Church Fathers on various topics: This was a 3700 hour project which included going through 22896 pages of the 38 volume set called Ante Nicene, Nicene, Post Nicene Fathers. I compiled 255 pages of quotes showing that the Early Church was always and completely Catholic. All of these quotes can be verified and found from the source which is free online.

Tertullian Against Valentinians ch 4 (160-240 ad)
Valentinus had expected to become a bishop, because he was an able man both in genius and eloquence. Being indignant, however, that another obtained the dignity by reason of a claim which confessorship had given him, he broke with the church of the true faith.
Tertullian On Prayer ch 2 (160-240 ad)
Nor is even our mother the Church passed by, if, that is, in the Father and the Son is recognized the mother, from whom arises the name both of Father and of Son.
Cyprian of Carthage epistle 69 par 2 (200-270 ad)
It is also necessary that he should be anointed who is baptized; so that, having received the chrism, that is, the anointing, he may be anointed of God, and have in him the grace of Christ. Further, it is the Eucharist whence the baptized are anointed with the oil sanctified on the altar. But he cannot sanctify the creature of oil, who has neither an altar nor a church; whence also there can be no spiritual anointing among heretics, since it is manifest that the oil cannot be sanctified nor the Eucharist celebrated at all among them.
Cyprian of Carthage epistle 61 par 4 (200-270 ad)
For they cannot live out of it, since the house of God is one, and there can be no salvation to any except in the Church.
Hilary of Poitiers On the Trinity book 7 par 4 (300-367 ad)
This is a truth which the passionate zeal of rival heresies brings into the clearest prominence. The Church, ordained by the Lord and established by His Apostles, is one for all; but the frantic folly of discordant sects has severed them from her.
Augustine Catechising the uninstructed par 2 (354-430 ad)
I feel constrained not only by that love and service which is due from me to you on the terms of familiar friendship, but also by that which I owe universally to my mother the Church
Jerome dialogue against the Luciferians par 21 (347-420 ad)
For there is no such thing as a Church without bishops
Jerome dialogue against the Luciferians par 21 (347-420 ad)
Since Hilary when he left the Church was only a deacon, and since the Church is to him, though to him alone, a mere worldly multitude, he can neither duly celebrate the Eucharist, for he has no bishops or priests
Jerome Letter 22 par 13 (347-420 ad)
I cannot bring myself to speak of the many virgins who daily fall and are lost to the bosom of the church, their mother
John Chrysostom Homily 14 on Hebrews (347-407 ad)
Nay, one would not be wrong in saying even this; for The Church is heavenly, and is nothing else than Heaven
Augustine On Holy Virginity par 5 (354-430 ad)
His mother is the whole Church, because she herself assuredly gives birth to His members, that is, His faithful ones.
Augustine Letter 98 par 3 (354-430 ad)
We have done nothing; we have not of our own accord hastened to participate in profane rites, forsaking the bread and the cup of the Lord; the apostasy of others caused our destruction; we found our parents murderers, for they deprived us of our Mother the Church and of our Father the Lord, so that, through the wrong done by others, we were en-snared
Augustine Homily 3 on the First Epistle of John par 1 (354-430 ad)
Now his mother is the Church; and her breasts are the two Testaments of the Divine Scriptures. Hence let him suck the milk of all the things that as signs of spiritual truths were done in time for our eternal salvation, that being nourished and strengthened, he may attain to the eating of solid meat, which is, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Our milk is Christ in His humility; our meat, the selfsame Christ equal with the Father.
Gregory the Great Letters Book 4 letter 38 (540-604 ad)
It has come to our knowledge from the report of certain persons that your Glory has been led on by some bishops even to the offence against holy Church of suspending yourself from the communion of Catholic unanimity….
For we venerate the four holy synods; the Nicene, in which Arius, the Constantinopolitan, in which Macedonius, the first Ephesine, in which Nestorius, and the Chalcedonians, in which Eutyches and Dioscorus, were condemned; declaring that whosoever thinks otherwise than these four synods did is alien from the true faith. (4 different places one Church)

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